Run With Patience - David Parker - Bass/Backing Vocals, Michael Santoni - Drums, Joe Ellison - Guitars/Lead Vocals

Joseph Ellison - Originally from Chicago Illinois, I was a late bloomer with music, picking up myfirst guitar at the age of 14.

I began playing seriously at age 18. Having grown up listening to a lot of the older classics such as B.B. King, Al Green and the Rev F.C. Barnes, the blue and gospel music were an unknowingly early influence. i picked up my first electric guitar at the age of 18 after ( much to the horror of my parents ) buying the Metallica Tape album "Justice For All"  i was just amazed at how someone could make a guitar sound like that! i had never really heard anything like that up to that point as i more of an athlete than a musician at the time. I immediately bought a cheap baby blue Charvel Guitar with money i had saved and learned every song on that CD! Then i bought all the other CD's and learned all the music on those as well. Pretty soon i found myself learning and playing everything from Mettalica to Dokken to Van Halen. ( gotta love 90's rock ) Bouncing around from band to band and project to project i managed to discover some guy named Jimi Hendrix along the way. I'm not sure if he ever wound up becoming anything of substance in the music world, but i loved his playing! ( sarcasm ) there have been lots of bands and various projects over the years that have come and gone but in 2013 after being out of the band scene for quite a few years actually, i was talked into Jamming and to try my hand at song writing again. and it was there that the Run With Patience Band was born.  What i love most about  playing now is the chance i get to travel and  connect with people all over the world!

I know for a fact Micheal and David would absolutely want me to say Hello to Goran & Sara Kumric of Kragujevac and also Vesna and her Husband Zelko, and also to Hana Gasparic of Subotica Serbia! we miss you guys! - See more at:

Michael Santoni - 

My father (drum corp) and my brother (drum set) put the sticks in my hands giving me a rudimental approach to the kit. 

My father, James P. Santoni, studied with J. Burns Moore in 1932 – the year prior to Burns’ election as the first President of the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (N.A.R.D.). 

My older brother, Tom Santoni, is currently a session drummer in Florida who has worked with many artists including Percy Sledge (When A Man Loves A Woman), Eddie Floyd (Knock On Wood), The Platters, Steve Forbert, Al Waters (Ray Charles’ longtime tenor sax player) and the late great music legend Jaco Pastorious.

Education - In college I studied music theory, piano, voice, and jazz improvisation. I’ve studied privately with many great drummers including John Xepoleas, a Bay Area educator and writer for Modern Drummer Magazine; Ken French, U.S. Air Force Jazz Guru (just before Ken took the coveted first seat in the world renown Colorado Academy Band); and Frank Giguere, a New England fusion, funk and jazz expert – who studied with Kenwood Denard.

In the 80′s the opportunity for an eclectic music venture came my way with award-winning singer/songwriter/producer Charlie Peacock. The 90′s were all about the pure-power folk-rock express of “RMS.” The turn of the century brought in a rock-n-roll grass roots project with Vineyard recording artists Michael Flowers and Chris Janzen. Prior to 2010, I toured with Staci Frenes, an acoustic-based alternative pop artist under Longshot Management. I am now working in the blues-gospel power trio “RWP” (Run With Patience) with guitarist Joe Ellison and bassist David Parker.


David Parker -



I grew up playing keyboards and guitar also, also I but was always particularly drawn to bass and drums.

In fact, I'm a former student of Michael Santoni. 

 Growing up, the music I loved the most was Journey, Stevie wonder, Santana. As a young man, I went through a brief reggae phase – who doesn't?  Later, I came to deeply appreciate singer/songwriters like James Taylor and Sara Groves. 

 I particularly enjoy the supporting role of an accompanist and harmony singer.  I think that's why I like playing rhythm-section instruments the best. I particularly enjoyed playing Joe Ellison's songs.  Like Joe, I've been a worship musician for nearly 2 decades.  

 Having the opportunity to travel with RWP -domestically and abroad- and meet amazing people who are serving the Lord, in places I never thought I would visit, has been an unbelievable blessing.