Hey folks!

where do i begin to start with all the things that is happening with the band so far in 2014?? i should probably start by saying that I'm a HORRIBLE blogger!!!! I like the idea of writing a blog from time to time, but  never know if what i'm saying is actually interesting enough for anyone to read it! but i know for a fact that quite a few of you guys do..i get your random emails and texts messages... and i like hearing from you all!! so rep writing and texting!!! it's very encouraging!!

well right off the bat i have to let you all know that our good friend and bassist Bill Walden has stepped away from the band. It was a very difficult decision for him to make, and it was hard to be on the receiving end of it as well, but ultimately it's the way we feel that God was moving. He's the pastor of a pretty good sized church here in Napa, has a wife and a family that would probably like to spend more time with him, and he has his own musical aspirations as well. What kind of jerk could get mad about another guy wanting to pursue what God has called him too right??!! ;) So God bless you "brutha"Bill!!! thanks for help getting me off my big Duff and out playing and writing music again. I can honestly say with 00 percent accuracy that if it wasn't for Bill,( and God of course.. ) there probably wouldn't be a "Run With Patience". I'll blog about that another time.

Well, as the saying goes, when God closes a door he opens a window.;) Enter Aaron Azevedo..or as i like to call him "Double A" or "The Enforcer" AKA "One Bad Man" ;)

Aaron is an extremely gifted guitar player and songwriter who joined us about a month ago as i write this. Aaron adds another versatile guitar sound to the band that, while we were generally happy with the sound we had, Aaron fills alot of the "empty space" with some really creative coloring, soon to be background vocalist and is just a really incredible soloist and songwriter. As a singer/songwriter/guitarist myself, it's always good to have someone who can push you in certain ways and force you to think about what your doing. I don't know if he's aware of it, but he simply makes us better just by being in the room. We've all become more "aware"of the dynamics and the "hot spots" so to speak in our songs. ( especially when you have to explain to anyone what exactly we are doing at certain points in the music.)

So i know what your thinking... 'So your previous bass player left and you replaced him with another guitar player?"

Enter David Parker!. WAIT!!! David Parker is already in the band!!! He's the drummer!!!! Right???!!! 

YES!!! He is!!!! well.... He was!!! But now Dave is the Bass player!!!

Along with being an extremely gifted percussionist, Dave is a really, really good bass player. in fact he played alot of the bass tracks on the CD. it seemed logical to me that it would easier to find a new drummer, than it would be to find a bass player with the same feel for the music than David did. So when David and i were discussing our options over the phone about the possibility of Him sliding  over to bass, i really thought it was a no brainer.

DUDE!!!! Well then Who's The drummer?!?!?!?!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Enter Michael Santoni. 

Michael Santoni is a well known Drummer/artist who at one point in his professional career was playing for people such as Charlie Peacock, Stacy Frenes and Michael Flowers. He's also taught drum techniques at many worship seminars across california.

He's been a Huge lift for the band with his insight and personally, the guy just rocks. great musician, really great guy and I'm extremely blown away about how humble he is. it seems most people can't help but tell you everything they know about "what music should sound like" or what dictated good music or whatever. In the short time i've been around michael so far i'd use to words to sum him up. 1) Godly 2.) Classy. Mike we're extremely glad you've joined us! welcome aboard!! now i just have to come up with a cool nickname for ya!

There's alot more i probably should have mentioned in this blog as far as band activities and things coming up for us on the near horizon, But i'm actually on a lunch break from work... and the bosses are looking at me funny... I gots ta go y'all!!!

Till next time!!



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